Wrestling lovers often fight over small nuances of the game. On one side, there is the technicality of the sport and on the other the personality part. Some pro series like WWE is also rife with dramatics and scripting. In this segment, let us talk about the technicality.

Across different series, there is a sharp division of opinion on which is a better discipline for an MMA fighter, jiu-jitsu or wrestling?

In the real world, the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is deadlier since its practitioners are trained to damage joints. Even in fight matches, they score points on submissions, i.e. when the opponent concedes that he can no longer take the pain and ‘submits’

 In wrestling, you can win a match by holding down your opponent on his back for three seconds. In BJJ being on the floor is not a disadvantage and you can still win.

In UFC, a majority of the champions have a wrestling background. But it does not mean jiu-jitsu fighters cannot win.

There is one reason wrestling is more preferred than BJJ. Wrestling is quick and aggressive while BJJ fights are slower since the fighters relax and conserve energy.

Wrestling has a long history and thus many fighters identify with it. Though BJJ has been around only for a short time, it makes up for the time in being a brutally effective fighting method.

 If you were to ask any of the top pros, you will hear them say BJJ and wrestling have lots of similarities and differences and mastering both is often more helpful than knowing only one.

 So at the end of the day, it is hard to say which one is better than the other. Both BJJ and Wrestling have their own strengths.