Winning a gold medal at the Olympics is the biggest dream for all the sportsmen in the world. But not all of them will go home with gold, silver or bronze. Irrespective of the results, smart sportsmen can use their Olympic appearance to further their career. For example, take a look at the following Olympic Wrestlers who went on to fight in Pro Wrestling.

Thanks to the growing number of pro wrestling championships, there is always space for another professional wrestler.

  1. Kurt Angle

 At the top of this list is Kurt Angle because the man is synonymous with WWE. He was their first Olympian, and they made sure everyone knew about it. Kurt Angle took home a gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling in1996 Olympics. He won the WWE championship within two years of joining the sport.

  1. Bad News Brown.

Take a moment and conjure up the image of the wrestler with the moniker ‘Bad News Brown.’ He was one of the most feared fighters of his time. An accomplished judoka, Brown was so terrifying that even the famous Andre ‘The Giant’ backed down.

  1. Verne Gagne

Verne Gagne started his career as an amateur wrestler and built one of the most envied careers in the professional circuits. He represented the US in the 1948 Olympics but could not compete. He then won several championships during the 50s and 60s and was one of the highest paid wrestlers of his time. Gagne also started the American Wrestling Association and promoted the sport across the country.

  1. Karl Gotch

Karl Gotch is considered as the ‘God’ of wrestling in Japan. Before his accomplishments in the Island nation, Gotch took part in the 1948 Olympics as a part of the Belgian delegation in both freestyle and Greco – Roman competitions.